Marcela Croce

Marcela Croce received her PhD in Literature from the University of Buenos Aires, where she is Professor in charge of “Problems of Latin American Literature.” There she directs research projects, the most recent of which became the six volumes of Historia comparada de las literaturas argentina y brasileña (2016-2019). She has given lectures and been Visiting Professor at universities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, and Italy. She is the author of twenty books, including Contorno: Izquierda y proyecto cultural (1996), Osvaldo Soriano, el mercado complaciente (1998), David Viñas: crítica de la razón polémica (2005), La seducción de lo diverso (2014) and Latinoamérica: ese esquivo objeto de la teoría (2018). She also writes cultural and biographical essays, organizes anthologies, and has annotated a series of books and classic authors for EUDEBA, the press of the University of Buenos Aires.

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