Luis Alejandro Ordóñez

Luis Alejandro Ordóñez (1973) is a Venezuelan writer who has lived in the United States since 2008. Between Chicago and Miami he has worked as editor, copywriter, proofreader, translator, Spanish teacher, and bookseller. In 2018 he published the Spanish version of The Last New York Times (Suburbano ediciones) and in 2015 a short stories collection titled Play (Editorial Ars Communis). He has been part of anthologies of writers who live in the United States and write in Spanish, such as Diáspora (Editorial Vaso Roto), Pertenencia and Trasfondos (both from Ars Communis) and Escritorxs Salvajes (Hypermedia Editores). In 2014 he won the II literary prize in Spanish from Northeastern Illinois University for the story Doble Negación. With Librero, he won the Severo Ochoa Micro-Story Contest from the library of the Cervantes Institute in Chicago. He has collaborated with different websites, magazines, and newspapers such as Suburbano, South Side Weekly, Univision, contratiempo, El Beisman, MiamiDiario, El Nacional, and Producto magazine, among others. Web site:

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