Hebe Uhart

Born in 1936 in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Hebe Uhart is one of Argentina’s most celebrated modern writers. Her Collected Stories won the Buenos Aires Book Fair Prize (2010), and she received Argentina’s National Endowment of the Arts Prize (2015) for her body of work, as well as the Manuel Rojas Ibero-American Narrative Prize (2017). Mariana Enríquez recalls, “Enrique Fogwill once called Uhart Argentina’s greatest writer, a gesture that she found condescending. She felt that she was a very fine writer, but the legitimization from this bold and irate man bothered her. She had no need for it. Hebe Uhart lived intensely.”

  • Animals by Hebe Uhart, translated by Robert Croll
    Hebe Uhart’s Animals tells of piglets that snack on crackers, parrots that rehearse their words at night, southern screamers that lurk at the front door of a decrepit aunt’s house, and, of co...

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