Student Opportunities

There are various ways for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oklahoma to participate directly in Latin American Literature Today:

  • George Henson, LALT's Translation Editor, offers a course entitled "Spanish Translation" (SPAN 4970). Students enrolled in this course have the opportunity not only to study translation theory, but also to translate literary texts from Spanish to English and vice versa for potential publication in LALT.
  • Any undergraduate student interested in participating in LALT can enroll in a section of "Independent Study" (SPAN 4990) or "Honors Research" (SPAN 3980, through the OU Honors College) with Marcelo Rioseco, Editor in Chief of LALT. For more details, please contact Professor Rioseco at
  • Graduate students of OU's Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics should feel free to contact the LALT editorial team directly at with any inquiries about how to help with the journal's editorial process.


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