Dossier: Eight Chilean Poets

  • Diego Alfaro
    He who always tried to kick the ball / that Lucy pulled away from his foot. / The boy whose kite was devoured by a tree. The work of a sad cartoonist / who portrayed himself even in his worst moments,...
  • David Preiss
    Of the poems you used to write, / none remains. Against your light / opens a path of spines and silence. / You walk it, lulled by the steps / that take you away from this page.
  • Julieta Marchant
    The old keys of a piano, the pedal like a mark / sinking the ends of what would seem to be the final note. / The cues are in the music, in the private rhythm that runs racing through / the city, the f...
  • Rodrigo Arroyo
    Barbs to perpetuate the pretense / under a rain cut with signs / of the barricade’s burden.
  • Gladys González
    No glamor here / No French bars for writers / just rotisseries with pig heads / second-hand shoes  / boxes of nails, hammers, / wires, and saws / wars waged among butchers / neighbors and meagre barbe...
  • Marcelo Guajardo
    Any one of these cars in their slow procession along the beach / their lights sliding beneath your apartment, from vertex to cracks, / floating over the cliffs, in the mist, which suddenly self-govern...
  • Marcelo Pellegrini
    River the gully its wound among the rocks / the size of a sunrise / surrounded by trees. / Its murmur led us upstream, / like those who follow the course of a landscape, / melting into the water, / li...
  • Christian Formoso
    The house at certain angles like a tomb, / and all the dead seated at the table, / the spoons slowed by the weight of the world, / the meal prior to nourishing the earth.
  • Ismael Gavilán
    Any collection or poetic selection of an anthological nature, however brief it may be, will always be a curatorial exercise that should be aware of its precariousness: wishing to be inclusive, it ends...


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