• Marilia Wakes Up
    She wears her socks up to her knees, because even in the summer, her feet are cold. She sits on the edge of our bed and rolls down the socks: shin, calf, ankle and stops. She straightens up her back a...
  • Formas de evasión
    Drinking in such a way also ensured that he wouldn’t get into street fights with strangers. He had been involved in many over the years, and preferred now to release his rage alone in his room of the...
  • Educación mecánica
    When I was 16 years old, I made a radical decision: I wanted to learn to drive and get my driver’s license on the exact day of my 17th birthday—on the very minute that the law would allow. And that’s...
  • LALT Logo
    Nota Bene for 39 books by the 39 authors of the 2017 Bogotá39.
  • Brenda Lozano
    The gorilla, sprawled on a rock, contemplates the mop and bucket forgotten by the zookeeper. Were it earlier, had he a group of children in front of him, the gorilla would cudgel them with the mop. Bu...
  • JM Soto
    By JM Soto
    Fifteen years have gone by and I’m still living in that same apartment, surrounded by the same furniture, bar a piece or two, by the same smells and textures that remain despite the coats of paint, du...


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