Latin American Literature Today Vol. 2 No. 1


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Editor's Note

Editor's Note: February 2019

Featured Author: Samanta Schweblin

ESSAY: "Samanta Schweblin, the Digger of Stories" by Pablo Brescia

ESSAY: "Siete casas vacías, or That Which Never Finds Its Place" by Pablo Brescia

ESSAY: “But Something Happens: Ruptures and Violences in El núcleo del disturbio" by Sandra Gasparini

ESSAY: "The Order of Things: Pájaros en la boca" by Lucía de Leone

ESSAY: "Fever Dream and the Elegy of the Present" by Gisela Heffes

INTERVIEW: Samanta Schweblin: “Literature is the possibility of testing the paths of our deepest inner wars and returning to real life with vital information”: A Conversation with Arthur Dixon

Dossier: Chicanx Literature

ESSAY: "Chicanx Literature in Latin American Literature Today" by Robert Con Davis-Undiano

POETRY: Three Poems by José Rodríguez

POETRY: Three Poems by Demetria Martínez

POETRY: Three Poems by Iliana Rocha

ESSAY: "Writing Around New Mexico in Ana Castillo’s So Far from God" by Anna M. Nogar

ESSAY: "Nuevomexicana Electras: Locating Decolonial Desire in 'The Five Wounds'" by Myrriah Gómez

ESSAY: "Sueños del Coyote: the Emergence of Genízaros in the Nuevomexicano Literary Imagination" by Enrique R. Lamadrid

Indigenous Literature

ESSAY: "Mapuche Women’s Voices in Present-day Poetry" by Paula Miranda

POETRY: From Guerra Florida by Daniela Catrileo

POETRY: From Trekan Antü by María Isabel Lara Millapan

POETRY: Three Poems by Roxana Miranda Rupailaf

POETRY: From Cantos de amor al lucero de la mañana by Adriana Paredes Pinda


"Here" by María José Navia

From The Animal Days by Keila Vall de la Ville

"Technical Problems" by Nylsa Martínez


"Havana for a Dead Castro" by José Antonio Moreno


ESSAY: "The Poetry of Rafael Cadenas, or the Fallen Masks of the Feigning Poet" by Arturo Gutiérrez Plaza

ESSAY: "The Other Lesson/Reading from Poetry: Writing as Reality" by Luis Miguel Isava

INTERVIEW: Rafael Cadenas: “Poor ‘I’ can’t fight the fact that we are mortal”: An Interview with Claudia Sierich

ESSAY: Speech of Ricardo Rivero, Rector of the University of Salamanca, during the presentation of the XXVII Premio Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana to Venezuelan poet Rafael Cadenas

POETRY: Four Poems by Rafael Cadenas


"New Versions of the Central American Crime Novel: Moronga by Horacio Castellanos Moya" by José Juan Colín


"Poems Are Places We Pass Through: An Interview with Mara Pastor" by Jotacé López

Mark Eisner: “Neruda is a resistance poet, and we are all thirsty for that”: An Interview with Roberto Brodsky


From The Happy Death of William Carlos Williams by Marta Aponte Alsina

Nota Bene

Nota Bene: February 2019


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