Zakarías Zafra

Zakarías Zafra (Venezuela, 1987) is a writer and independent editor. He is the author of Maquinaria íntima, Al otro lado de la vía oscura, and Blanda intuición de párpados, among other books of poetry and short fiction. His writing has been published in Letras Libres, Papel Literario, Harper’s Bazaar, Cultura Colectiva and Clímax, and included in magazines including Letralia, Estampas, and Verbigracia (cultural supplement of El Universal). He is one of the 34 young writers featured in the book Nuevo país literario, published by the Fondo Editorial Banesco (2016). He has also written columns for the newspapers El Impulso, El Nacional, and Tal Cual, and he is currently researching the Venezuelan diaspora and migration. He lives in Mexico City, and his unpublished literary work includes short stories, essays, and novels.

  • Mérida, Venezuela
    Look, tombs. / No, they are bodies. / No, they are dead forms of memory. / No, they are tired forms of memory. // Look, epitaphs. / No, they are poems. / No, they are tombstones with familiar names. /...


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