Weildler Guerra Curvelo

Weildler Guerra Curvelo is one of the most important Wayuu intellectuals of Colombia. He is an anthropologist, writer, professor, and researcher, and recently he has occupied various posts in the government that have confirmed not only his resolve and his intelligence, but also his honesty. As an academic and researcher, his contributions to the study and diffusion of Wayuu culture have been fundamental. One of his most important books, La disputa y la palabra: la ley en la sociedad wayuu, explains, among other things, the importance of the putchipuu (the palabrero or word-bearer) in the Wayuu community.

  • Weildler Guerra Curvelo
    Over a decade ago, while I was preparing a conference in New York City for an indigenous researchers meeting, I was examining photographs that could help me illustrate the paradoxes surrounding the hi...


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