Tomás González

Tomás González (Medellín, Colombia, 1950) studied philosophy before becoming a barman in a Bogotá nightclub, whose owner published Primero estaba el mar [In the Beginning Was the Sea], his first novel, in 1983. González has lived in Miami and New York, where he wrote much of his work while making a living as a translator. After twenty years in the US, he returned to Colombia, where he now lives. His books have been translated into six languages. His books Temporal [The Storm], La luz difícil, Niebla al mediodía, El lejano amor de los extraños, and Abraham entre bandidos were published in Spanish by Alfaguara.

  • The Storm
    Angrily, but with great care, Mario placed two oars in the boat and went to his father’s house to fetch the gas cans. Javier had already brought the coolers full of ice and the jugs of water, and by n...


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