Ruperta Bautista Vázquez

Ruperta Bautista Vázquez is a Tsotsil Maya community educator, writer, anthropologist, translator, and actress from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. She is the author of the poetry books: Me’on ts’ibetik/ Letras humildes (2020);  Xojobal Jalob te’ /Telar Luminario (2013); Realtà non necessaria (Italy, 2009); Xchamel Ch’ul Balamil /Eclipse en la madre tierra (2008, republished 2014); Ch’iel k’opojelal /Vivencias (2003); Palabra conjurada, cinco Voces cinco Cantos (Coautora,1999; and Indigenous Children: We are Not to Blame (stage play). Her work forms part of the anthologies: (Santiago de Chile, 2021); The Funambulist 15 Clothing Politics #2 (Paris, France, 2018); Chiapas Maya Awakening: Contemporary Poems and Short Stories (University of Oklahoma, 2017); Antología de poesía de mujeres indígenas de América Latina (Quito, ESTACION SUR 2011); Jaime Sabines 83 aniversario, 83 poetas (CONECULTA 2009); Poètes indiens du Chiapas (Paris, 2007); and has appeared in Red Rock Review (Community College of Southern Nevada, 2003). Two of her poems have been set to music: “Jtij vobetik” (“Tamboreros”) and “Jsa’ ch’ulelal” (“Buscadora de Alma”). Her work has been translated into English, French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, and Swedish.


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