Rowena Hill

Rowena Hill was born in the United Kingdom in 1938. She has lived in New Zealand, Italy, and India, and since 1975 she has resided in Venezuela. She is a poet, essayist, translator, and scholar of Eastern cultures. She has published the verse collections Celebraciones (ULA, 1981), Ida y Vuelta (ULA, 1987),  Legado de Sombras (Monte Avila, 1997), Desmembramiento, (Taller TAGA, Caracas, 2002, with etchings by Adrián Pujol), No es tarde para alabar (Editorial Equinoccio, 2012), and Planta baja del cerebro (Ediciones Actual, ULA, 2012). Her translations into Spanish include Nombres de Lo Innombrable (CONAC, 1991 y 2005), medieval metaphysical poetry in the Kannada language; Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy (CONAC, 2005), selected poems by an “untouchable” poet; and Flores de tierra dura, Mujeres poetas del sur de la India (ULA, 2014). Her translations into English include Perfiles de la noche/Profiles of Night (bid&co, 2006), a sample of poetry written by women in Venezuela; Selected Poems/Poemas selectos by Rafael Cadenas (bid&co, 2009); and The Blind Plain (Tavern Books, 2018), an anthology of the poetry of Igor Barreto.

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    The streaked blue orb / fixed her coordinates in space / regulated her oven and the spate of waters / conceived live cells starfish / sprouted furry limbs / spines blood vessels / and the eye / sphere...
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    I would have liked to write a more objective essay about my relationship with languages, and the relationship between my languages, but I’m not a linguist and I wouldn’t be able to define details of t...


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