Rosario Barahona Michel

Rosario Barahona Michel is a Bolivian writer and historian. Her first novel, Huésped [Guest] (2010) was a finalist in Alfaguara’s national novel contest, and her short story Cuando tus palabras resonaban armadas [When your words echo armed] earned an honorable mention in the fifth Adela Zamudio short story contest in 2011. In 2012, her novel Y en el fondo tu ausencia [And in the end your absence] won the National Novel Prize supported by Santillana de Ediciones (Alfaguara Bolivia) and the Ministry of Culture.

  • Rosario Barahona
    It’s strange, but that’s what I was thinking about when I (un)heard an unusual clanging on my street’s sidewalk: a taxi door that closed with a crunch, a couple of male voices and some far-off steps,...


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