Osvaldo Lamborghini

Osvaldo Lamborghini (1940-1985) is one of the most controversial and provocative Argentine writers of the last century, an inspiration and mentor for the internationally renowned novelist César Aira, a central figure in the neobarroco, and a cult author since the emergence of his outrageous short stories “El niño proletario” and “El fiord.” Although best-known for his prose, Lamborghini wrote several volumes of poetry, much of which remained unpublished at the time of his untimely death, and which was later collected by Aira for publication in Poemas 1969-1985 (Sudamericana, 2004).

  • Osvaldo Lamborghini
    When passion gets strong, so strong / Heaven cocks its trigger / And then we’re done for  / My sweet, sweetheart. / It would be better, perhaps, for us… / Oh no, it would be no better for us! / (Excep...


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