Luis Arturo Ramos

Luis Arturo Ramos (Mexico, 1947) is widely regarded as one of the leading prose stylists of his generation. None other than Enrique Serna, in his appreciation, entitled Las almas muertas de Luis Arturo Ramos, mentioned how: “Without making noise, dedicated to his work and with exceptional discretion in a medium rife with people anxious to make themselves noticed, Luis Arturo Ramos has created, since the eighties, one of the most interesting bodies of work in current Mexican narrative.” In addition to Ramos’ groundbreaking work as one of the leading novelists of his peers, he also taught at the University of Texas at El Paso’s unique MFA program in Bilingual Creative Writing, and where he also founded the important annual Congreso de literatura mexicana contemporánea, as well as the journal Revista de literatura mexicana contemporánea

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    Her real name is Nora (although it was necessary to rename herself Paula for reasons I will address further on) and she lives the better part of the workday inside a character 22 years her senior. Alt...


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