Krina Ber

Krina Ber was born in Poland in 1948, grew up in Israel, graduated with a degree in architecture from EPFL (Switzerland), and got married in Portugual before moving, in 1975, to Caracas, where she and her husband founded Kreska C.A., a business specialized in steel, aluminum, and glass design. She started writing in 2001. Her short stories—which are included in almost all anthologies of Venezuelan short fiction and have received prizes in important national competitions—are collected in Cuentos con agujeros (Monte Ávila, 2005), Para no perder el hilo (Mondadori, 2009), and La hora perdida (Ígneo, 2015). Her first novel, Nube de polvo (Equinoccio 2015), received the Premio de la Crítica, and in 2020 Ficciones asesinas won the nineteenth Concurso Transgenérico, awarded by the Fundación para la Cultura Urbana. 

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    One day, one of those days when the weight of deception got too much for me, I almost told Sergio everything. It was a rainy afternoon, and we found ourselves alone at the kitchen counter, drinking co...
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    The topic: a foreign language. True, nowadays it’s mine, or almost. But ten years ago the act of writing in Spanish was something that caused me waves of amazement. I was still trying to capture that...


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