José Luis Guerra

José Luis Guerra is a recent graduate of the Universidad Santa María, Núcleo Oriente, Venezuela. Since the age of fifteen, he has worked with Comunicación Social as a radio producer and presenter, learning the ropes and the pitfalls of sharing information in a country where freedom of expression is in its death throes. In 2019, he found a way to combine literature with journalism, telling uncensored, real stories with La Vida de Nos. He tells the true facts with feeling, delving into situations that have left their mark on Venezuelan families, as in the case of “Those Days with Mr. Monster.”

  • Mr. Monster 5
    For a long time, I woke up in utter fear. Every morning, panic would take over my body as I listened to a sound that was different from my friends’ alarm clocks. It wasn’t cocks crowing, or my mom’s s...


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