José Cardona-López

Colombian writer José Cardona-López is Regents Professor at Texas A&M International University. He has published the novel Sueños para una siesta (1986), the short novel Mercedes (2014), and the short story collections La puerta del espejo (1983), Todo es adrede (1993, 2009), Siete y tres nueve (2003), and Al otro lado del acaso (2012). The latter collection was translated to Portuguese as Dou otro lado do acaso (Lumme Editores, 2018). Todo es adrede was a finalist in the sixth international “Letras de Oro” contest of the University of Miami. His short stories and microfictions have appeared in journals and anthologies published in the United States and other Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Ants
    The kids were still sleeping, and Eugenia looked at the tiny hourglass measuring stitches of time in the kitchen with its fine white grains of sand. She knew she had to take the egg out of the pot. Sh...


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