Jimmy Santiago Baca

Photo: Esai June

Jimmy Santiago Baca (Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1952) is of Spanish, Mexican, and Apache descent. Baca has published more than fifteen books of poetry, not including collections of short stories, novels, essays, a memoir, and a screenplay for the film Blood In and Blood Out (1993). His awards and recognitions include: a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (1986), the Pushcart Prize (1987), the American Book Award (1988), the International Hispanic Heritage Award (1989), and the International Prize (2001). In 2004, he created Cedar Tree Inc., a non-profit foundation that provides education to disadvantaged communities. For more than thirty years he has led writing workshops in prisons, bookstores, and universities throughout the US and since 2017 he has been leading webinars for teachers and writers. Some of his book titles are: Immigrants in Our Own Land (1979); Martin & Meditations on the South Valley (1987); Black Mesa Poems (1989); Working in the Dark (1992); Set This Book on Fire! (2001); Healing Earthquakes (2001); A Place to Stand (2001), published in Spain as En suelo firme (2002); Winter Poems along the Rio Grande (2004); The Importance of a Piece of Paper (2004); Rita and Julia (2008); and A Glass of Water (2009).

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