Gunter Silva

Peruvian author Gunter Silva studied Political Sciences at Santa María La Católica University and earned his Bachelor's degree in Arts and Humanities from the Open University, London and his Master's degree in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Westminster. He is the author of the short story collection Crónicas de Londres (Lima, 2012) and the novel Pasos pesados (Fondo Editorial UCV, Lima, 2016), which was translated into Danish in 2017 under a grant from the Danish Art Foundation. His short story “Homesick” appeared in Words Without Borders’ special issue on Peruvian literature.

  • Escalator, London, UK
    You’re floating in the room. You remember with bitterness that you were born a girl in a distant land where you weren’t allowed to be a boy. You fought to be yourself, but in the end, it left a bad ta...
  • Julio Ramón Ribeyro II with friends
    “What do you think literature boils down to? To writing from the belly rather than from the cheek. Most people write from the cheek. If the semi-illiterate criminal wrote a long letter ordinarily to h...
  • Dance of the Defeated
    One sunny Sunday, Fernanda decided we would spend the new year partying in Arica. Her father had bought her a four-wheel-drive truck when she enrolled in college, and despite the fact that she crashed...


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