Gladys González

Gladys González (Santiago, 1981) is a Chilean poet, cultural manager, and editor. She has published the verse collections Papelitos (2002), Gran Avenida (2005), Aire Quemado (2009), Hospicio (2011),  and Calamina (2014), as well as the anthologies Vidrio Molido (2011) and Pequeñas cosas (2015). Her poems have appeared in various Chilean and international anthologies, and several have been translated to English and German. She also directs the publishing house Ediciones Libros del Cardo.

  • Gladys González
    No glamor here / No French bars for writers / just rotisseries with pig heads / second-hand shoes  / boxes of nails, hammers, / wires, and saws / wars waged among butchers / neighbors and meagre barbe...


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