Fredy Yezzed

Fredy Yezzed (Bogotá, 1979) is a writer, poet, and human rights advocate. After traveling across Latin America for six months, he settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has published the following volumes of poetry: La sal de la locura (Macedonio Fernández National Poetry Prize, Buenos Aires, 2010; Buenos Aires: Qué diría Víctor Hugo, 2016); El diario inédito del filósofo vienés Ludwig Wittgenstein (Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Dock, 2012, 2016); and Carta de las mujeres de este país/Letter from the Women of this Country (New York: Nueva York Poetry Press, 2019; tr. Miguel Falquez-Certain), honorable mention at the Casa de las Américas Literary Competition (Cuba) in 2017. As a literary critic, he edited and wrote the introductions for the following books: Párrafos de aire. Primera antología del poema en prosa colombiano (Medellín: Editorial de la Universidad de Antioquia, 2010), and La risa del ahorcado. Antología poética de Henry Luque Muñoz (Bogotá: Editorial de la Universidad Javeriana, 2015).

  • Fredy Yezzed
    Don’t die anymore within me, come out from my tongue. I’ve seen them fall bare-chested, Their raised arms, those looks.


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