Edson Bepkro Kayapó

Edson Bepkro Kayapó belongs to the Mebengokre people. He was born in Amapa State (Amazonia). He is an activist of the indigenous and environmentalist movements, a professor in the bachelor’s program in Indigenous Interculturality at the Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA), and a professor in the graduate program in Teaching and Ethnic-Racial Relations at the Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia (PPGER/UFSB). Edson researches indigenous and Amazonian topics. As a writer, he has been awarded by UNESCO and the Fundação Nacional do Livro Infanto-Juvenil. His books include Projetos e presepadas de um curumim na Amazônia (Positivo 2016) and Um estranho Espadarte na aldeia (Primata 2021).


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