Daniel Salvo

Daniel Salvo (Peru, 1967) started reading science fiction with pocket-sized books from Bruguera in the seventies. After reading the English-language classics, like Asimov and Clarke, he developed an interest in Peruvian science fiction, discovering authors like Clemente Palma and José B. Adolph. In 2002, he started publishing on the website (and now blog) Ciencia Ficción Perú with the purpose of promoting the genre and its Peruvian authors. He has published short stories on various websites and in electronic publications from Spain, Argentina, Peru, and the United States from the nineties to the present.

The type of science fiction he writes is focused on the humanistic side, although he also writes in other currents such as the space opera. He published El primer peruano en el espacio, a compilation of his short stories published online, in 2016. His work has been included in two anthologies, Se vende Marcianos (2017) and Lo mejor de Arena (2018), both published by the Peruvian press Altazor. 


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