Alejandro Sebastiani Verlezza

Alejandro Sebastiani Verlezza (Caracas, 1982) is a poet and essayist who sometimes strays into visual arts. He earned his degree and is now a professor at the School of Letters of the Central University of Venezuela. He graduated from the Liberal Studies program of the Universidad del Valle San Francisco in 2015. He is currently earning a master's degree in Literary Studies from the UCV. He has published a chapbook, Posdatas (El Pez Soluble, 2009), the diary Derivas (bid & co, 2013), and the verse collection Canción de la encrucijada (Editorial Eclepsidra, 2016). His work has been included in Voces nuevas 2005-2006 (Celarg, narrative) and Voces nuevas 2006-2007 (Celarg, essay) and in 102 Poetas. Jamming (OT Editores, 2014) and Tiempos grotescos (UNAM, Mexico, 2015). Along with Adalber Salas Hernández, he has prepared two anthologies: Tramas cruzadas, destinos comunes (Común Presencia Editores, Bogotá, 2013) and Destinos portátiles (Vallejo & Co, Lima, 2015). 


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