Albalucía Ángel

Albalucía Ángel Marulanda (1939- ) is a celebrated author in Colombia, where her writing is considered vitally important as a historic testimony of one of the nation’s most violent periods, La Violencia (1948-1958). Her works embody a feminist perspective and wrestle with topics such as women’s rights and Colombian history. Her most recognized novel, Estaba la pájara pinta sentada en el verde limón, was awarded the prize Vivencias de Cali (1975). Her texts are recognized for their capacity to evoke traditional Colombian culture and for emphasizing the perspectives of underrepresented actors in society. Ángel has used her voice to support other Latin American women writers and to advocate for women’s rights. In 2006, the Third Conference on Colombian Writers was dedicated to her work and historical contributions in challenging gender stereotypes.


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