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  • Graciela Yáñez Vicentini (Caracas, 1981) is a poet, essayist, proofreader, and cultural promoter. She earned a degree in Letters from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Under her pseudonym, Egarim Mirage, she has signed two verse collections: Espejeos al espejo [Mirrored mirrors] and Íntimo, el espejo [Intimate, the mirror]. She is presently the editorial coordinator of “Papel Literario” [Literary paper], the cultural supplement of the newspaper El Nacional in Venezuela. Her texts have appeared in several anthologies within her country.

  • Fredy Yezzed (Bogotá, 1979) is a writer, poet, and human rights advocate. After traveling across Latin America for six months, he settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has published the following volumes of poetry: La sal de la locura (Macedonio Fernández National Poetry Prize, Buenos Aires, 2010; Buenos Aires: Qué diría Víctor Hugo, 2016); El diario inédito del filósofo vienés Ludwig Wittgenstein (Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Dock, 2012, 2016); and Carta de las mujeres de este país/Letter from the Women of this Country (New York: Nueva York Poetry Press, 2019; tr. Miguel Falquez-Certain), honorable mention at the Casa de las Américas Literary Competition (Cuba) in 2017. As a literary critic, he edited and wrote the introductions for the following books: Párrafos de aire. Primera antología del poema en prosa colombiano (Medellín: Editorial de la Universidad de Antioquia, 2010), and La risa del ahorcado. Antología poética de Henry Luque Muñoz (Bogotá: Editorial de la Universidad Javeriana, 2015).

  • Born José Miguel Sánchez Gómez in Havana, Cuba, in 1969, Yoss assumed his pen name in 1988, when he won the Premio David in the science-fiction category for Timshel. Since then, he has gone on to become one of Cuba's most iconic literary figures—as the author of more than twenty acclaimed books, as a champion of science fiction through his workshops in Cuba and around the world, and as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Tenaz. Restless Books has translated two of his novels into English: A Planet for Rent and Super Extra Grande. A third, Condomnaut, is forthcoming. 


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