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  • Djelal Kadir (b. 1946, Cyprus) is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor (emeritus) of Comparative Literature at Penn State University and served as the seventh editor (1991–1996) in the history of Books Abroad / World Literature Today.

  • Aviva Kana is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara with a doctoral emphasis in Translation Studies. Her translations of Cristina Rivera Garza have appeared in Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas and PEN America. She is currently in the process of translating Rivera Garza’s novella The Taiga Syndrome

  • Nurit Kasztelan (Buenos Aires, 1982) has published the collections Movimientos Incorpóreos (Bs. As., 2007), Teoremas (Montevideo, 2010), Lógica de los accidentes (Bs. As. 2013, Cáceres, 2014, 2015), O amor era um jogo instável (Sao Pablo, 2018) and Después (Bs. As. 2018, Cáceres, 2019). She coordinated the reading series La manzana en el gusano and co-edited the magazine No-retornable. She is co-editor of the publishing house Excursiones and runs an atypical bookshop in her house: MiCasa.

  • Gisela Kozak, PhD, is a Venezuelan writer. She works as a professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She has published novels (Latidos de CaracasTodas las lunas); short stories (Pecados de la capital y otras historiasEn rojo); essays (Ni tan chéveres ni tan iguales); and academic research (La literatura asediada, among other works). She has also published several articles in specialized journals, collaborations in Venezuelan newspapers and journals, and pieces in Literal Magazine and the Spanish-language edition of The New York Times

  • Claudia Kozak earned her PhD from the University of Buenos Aires. She is a member of the Argentinean National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET), and is a Professor in the Departments of Literature and Communication Studies of the University of Buenos Aires. She directs the Master's in Cruces de Narrativas Culturales (UNTREF), which is part of the international program Erasmus + Masters Crossways in Cultural Narratives.  She sits on the Academic Council of the PhD in Comparative Theory of Arts (UNTREF) and on the Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization ( She currently coordinates litElat, Red de Literatura Electrónica Latinoamericana ( and Ludión. Exploratorio latinoamericano de poéticas/políticas tecnológicas ( Her books include: Tecnopoéticas argentinas. Archivo blando de arte y tecnología (2012, reprinted in 2015); Poéticas/políticas tecnológicas en Argentina (1910-2010) (2014); Poéticas tecnológicas, transdisciplina y sociedad. Actas del Seminario Internacional Ludión/Paragraphe (2011); Deslindes. Ensayos sobre la literatura y sus límites en el siglo XX (2006); and Contra la pared. Sobre graffitis, pintadas y otras intervenciones urbanas (2004).

  • José Kozer is a poet and translator. He has lived in the United States since 1960. He taught Spanish and Spanish-language literature at Queens College, CUNY, from 1965 to 1997. He currently lives in Hallandale, Florida. His work has been translated to several languages, published in numerous magazines and journals, and examined in various dissertations and doctoral theses. Among his latest books are Bajo este cien (two editions, in México, 1983, and Barcelona, 2002), Carece de causa (two editions, both in Buenos Aires, 1988, 2004), Ánima (Mexico City, 2002), No buscan reflejarse (Havana, 2001), Tokonoma (Madrid, 2011), Índole (Matanzas, 2013), De rerum natura (São Paulo, 2013), and two books of prose, Mezcla para dos tiempos and Una huella destartalada (both published in Mexico by Editorial Aldus; 1999 and 2003 respectively). He is the author of 75 verse collections. He received the Premio Iberoamericano de Poesía Pablo Neruda in 2013. Fondo de Cultura Económica published his personal anthology, titled Acta est fabula, in 2013.

  • Denise Kripper is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Translation at Lake Forest College. She is a translator herself too, and is currently working on a book manuscript on fictional translators in literature.

  • Denise Kripper is Assistant Professor in the Modern Languages & Literatures Department at Lake Forest College. Her research interests include Latin American Literature and Translation Studies. She has a PhD in Literature & Cultural Studies from Georgetown University and a BA in Translation from the Lenguas Vivas Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has worked extensively as an interpreter and audiovisual translator. Her literary translations and academic work on translation has been featured in World Literature Today, Asymptote, Farlag, Mutatis Mutandis and Trans: Revista de Traductología, among others. She is currently working on a monograph on the fictional representation of translators in recent literature in Spanish. She lives in Chicago, where she’s a member of the Third Coast Translators Collective. 


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