Óscar Daniel Campo

Óscar Daniel Campo Becerra was born in Barrancabermeja, Colombia in 1985. He is a writer and professor. Días hábiles (2020), his first novel, was recently published in Spain and Colombia. In 2013, he won the Ciudad de Bogotá Award for the short story book Los aplausos (2014). He coordinated the writing and publication of two collective books of historical memory along with a grassroot organization: Vidas de historia: Una memoria literaria de la Organización Femenina Popular (2016) and Escrituras del desarraigo: Historias de vida, Floridablanca-Santander (2019). Since 2018, he has formed part of the Museum Advisory Committee of the Museo Casa de la Memoria de las Mujeres y de los Derechos Humanos. Currently, he is writing a doctoral dissertation on Latin American unfinished novels at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this same city, he was part of the organizing committee of the third Feria Latinx del Libro (2019). He is cofounder and editor of the independent publishing house, Himpar Editores.


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