They say the last flame


Colombian poet Tania Ganitsky.

They say the last flame
will ignite        
in the ocean.
In the belly of the whale
that houses the forgotten myths,
in its song,
conjuring the return of the gods.
But I stored away
some matches
to safeguard the flames
of the earth.

Translated by Martín Schauss



LALT No. 4
Number 4

The fourth issue of LALT highlights underrepresented but deserving voices from across Latin America, with a focus on women writers as well as special sections dedicated to genre-bending science fiction, indigenous-language poetry and prose, and the essential relationship between author and translator.

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Editor's Note


Short Fiction from Peru


Translation Previews and New Releases



Latin American Science Fiction

Indigenous Literature

Dossier: Five Women Writers in Translation


Dossier: Colombian Poetry

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