Five Poems from the Unpublished Book neverí flash*


Venezuelan poet Josu Landa. Photo: Pascual Borzelli.


the lotuses float silent down the riverbank
          between the water and the sky
          the light in flames
          melting the iguana’s eye



the cormorant descends to the depths of the sick river

          no one knows of his dealings with the abyss:
          if he fishes for another furtive solitude:
          a new trembling to fade into the unhealthy elements



among lilies and sewers
          the living water maneuvers through all the poisons
          all the decoys
          until it reaches pure salt in the belly of the sea
          with the pure sun at the edge of the horizon



there is a fever trembling in the glare

          there is a boiling of hearts sated with sinking:
          and occasional fleeting floatings

          there is a fervor of mouths and seeds:
          tacit sparks, abandoned
          in the breeze of the day

          always without words



turtledove footprints on the sand
          meagre shadows sown by the midday sun
          signs and more signs…
          but does the mystery end?


* “Neverí” is the popular name of a river in the northeastern watershed of Venezuela. It begins in the Turimiquire hills of Sucre state and flows into the Caribbean bay of Pozuelos, running more than 110 kilometers and passing through the city of Barcelona, capital of Anzoátegui state. Anyone who’s interested can find it at the following coordinates: latitude 10° 10' 30" north, longitude 64° 43' 30" west. 

Translated by Arthur Dixon


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Number 4

The fourth issue of LALT highlights underrepresented but deserving voices from across Latin America, with a focus on women writers as well as special sections dedicated to genre-bending science fiction, indigenous-language poetry and prose, and the essential relationship between author and translator.

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