Graffiti in Havana, Cuba. Photo by Karim Amar.

I overcome because I am overwhelmed.
I whip my life into shape,
     one tension, one bit of calm at a time,
if I must I give back the distance I run,
     if I must I rise and cut something from myself.


I’ve arrived at this hour dragging my body from moment to moment. Surreptitiously I serve up wounded blood.
The story I bear, how will you receive it?
The water I’ve gathered makes itself heard.
Here is the mother who keeps her child
forever in her womb.
And decides she will live, even as she drowns. 


Translated by Margaret Randall

Originally published in World Literature Today 89, no. 5 (September 2015).


LALT Vol. 1 No. 2
Number 2

The second issue of Latin American Literature highlights the Caribbean and queer literature from across Latin America, featuring dossiers of revolutionary Chilean writer Pedro Lemebel and Mexican author Yuri Herrera as well as a special section on literary voices from Cuba.

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Dossier: Pedro Lemebel

Dossier: Voices from Cuba

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