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Lorrie Jayne is a poet, translator, writer, and educator from the desert border region of the United States. She teaches Spanish and Portuguese in the Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, NC. Lorrie’s interests include poetry, plants and healing, memoir, Amazonian literature, and intercultural communication. She lives with her husband and daughters in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. 

Rhi Johnson is a PhD candidate at UNC Chapel Hill, working on transatlantic Hispanic nineteenth-century literature. Her research centers images of water in literary representations of femininity, seeking the universals that lurk below the century’s surface, using narrative verse and poetic prose to access social imaginaries of medicine, morbidity, sexuality, and gender. This study of the delicacies of literature informs her endeavors in poetry, translation, and playwriting. She has published translations from Galician, Galego-Português, and Spanish. 

Ellen Jones has a PhD from Queen Mary University of London and translates from Spanish into English. She was the recipient of a 2017 Writers Centre Norwich Emerging Translator Mentorship and a 2017 ALTA Travel Fellowship, and has been Criticism Editor at Asymptote since 2014. Her translation of Rodrigo Fuentes’s Trout, Belly Up, is forthcoming from Charco Press in 2019, and her translations of several more stories from Brother Deer remain unpublished. She tweets as @ellen_c_jones.

Libby Jones recently graduated with a First Class degree in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Exeter. She is now starting an MA in Hispanic and Lusophone Studies at University College London

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