Rodolfo Hinostroza

Rodolfo Hinostroza (Peru, 1941-2016) is one of Latin America’s most celebrated poets from the 20th century.  His groundbreaking poetry is noted for its vast sweep which includes astronomy, history, counterculture, alchemy, the occult, politics, and which is usually rendered in erudite, yet highly lyrical open sequences.  He is recognized as a bridge between such earlier poets as Vallejo and contemporary poets from Peru.  Indeed, his most acclaimed collection of poetry, Contra natura (1971) made an impression as indelible as Vallejo’s Trilce. Contra natura, from which this selection of poems is taken, won the Maldoror prize in 1972 with none other than Octavio Paz as head judge.  Hinostroza was awarded a Guggenheim in 2009, and the National Award of Culture from Peru in 2013.  At the time of his death in 2016, he was revered by younger poets and was a central part of literary life in Lima.  In 2019, Cardboard House Press will publish Anthony Seidman’s translation of Contra natura.

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