Patricia Cerda

Photo: Carmelo Naranjo

Patricia Cerda was born in Concepción, Chile, in 1961. She lives in Germany since 1986 and obtained her PhD in history at Freie Universität in Berlin in 1988. She has worked as a lecturer and researcher in History and Intercultural Communication at Freie Universität Berlin and at Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich. Her first book of short stories Entre mundos (Cuarto propio) was published in 2013, followed by her first novel Mestiza (Ediciones B) in July 2016. Mestiza was critically acclaimed in Chile and listed as a bestseller for several months. In October 2017, Cerda published her second novel Rugendas (Ediciones B) which tells the story of the journey of the romantic German painter Juan Mauricio Rugendas through Latin America. Again, the novel was praised by critics as well as readers. In April 2018, her third novel Violeta & Nicanor (Planeta) was published and accompanied by a big media response due to the iconic status of its protagonists Violeta y Nicanor Parra for the Chilean and Latin American culture. 

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    Presentación: Violeta Parra inauguró una nueva mirada hacia lo chileno, sin miedos, sin vergüenzas, sin hipocresía. Su campo creativo fue la memoria cultural. Cuando ella comenzó sus investigaciones,...

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