Marosa di Giorgio

Born in Salto, Uruguay, and raised on her family’s farm, Marosa di Giorgio (1932-2004) is one of the most prominent Uruguayan poets of the twentieth century. Di Giorgio began writing in her childhood and published her first book of poems at the age of twenty-two. She then went on to publish a total of fourteen books of poetry, three collections of short stories, and one novel. While some critics have categorized her as a surrealist, she herself denied membership in any literary movement or school. Although she was relatively unknown outside the Southern Cone during her lifetime, she is now becoming more and more widely read throughout Latin America and Europe.

  • Marosa di Giorgio
        Once again I saw the forest of elder trees, the little rivers and their nearly nameless inhabitants: the spoons of water, the pans of water and the mushrooms.
  • Marosa
    Cuando nació, apareció el lobo. Era un domingo al mediodía, –a las once y media, luz brillante–, y la madre vio a través del vidrio, el hocico picudo, y en la pelambre, las espinas de escarcha, y clam...

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