Juan Carlos Chirinos

Juan Carlos Chirinos is a novelist, short story writer, and biographer. He studied Literature in Caracas and Salamanca. He was a finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize with El niño malo cuenta hasta cien y se retira [The bad boy counts to one hundred and gives up] (2004); he has subsequently published Nochebosque [Nightforest] (2011), Gemelas [Twins] (2013), and Los cielos de curumo [Vulture skies] (2019). He has published the short story collections Leerse los gatos [Cats reading each other] (1997), winner of the Embassy of Spain in Venezuela Award; Homero haciendo «zapping» [Homer channel-surfing] (2003), Ramos Sucre Biennial Award; Los sordos trilingües [The trilingual deaf] (2011), and La manzana de Nietzsche [Nietzsche's apple] (2015). In 2017, he published the essay “Venezuela, biografía de un suicidio” [Venezuela, biography of a suicide], in which he approaches the sociopolitical reality of his country from the perspective of a creator. He also collaborates with the newspapers El Nacional (Caracas), Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, and Revista de Occidente.

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