Esther Cross

Photo: Ricardo Coler

Esther Cross (Buenos Aires, 1961) is the author of several novels and books of short stories, among them Kavanagh, Radiana and La mujer que escribió Frankenstein. She also co-authored, along with Félix della Paolera, two books of interviews: one with Borges, the other with Bioy Casares. Her books have been awarded with several prizes, among them the Fortabat Foundation Prize of Novel, the Regional Prize of Novel,  and the Siglo XXI Narrative Prize. She has been awarded the Fulbright and the Civitella Ranieri scholarships. Her last book of stories is Tres hermanos. She has translated Richard Yates, William Goyen and Mark Twain into Spanish. 

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    “El lenguaje”, escribió George Steiner, “sólo entra en acción asociado al factor tiempo”. Encuentro la frase subrayada por mi mano hace quince o veinte años en el libro Después de Babel.

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