Zapotec Writer Felipe H. Lopez


Works by and about Felipe H. Lopez in LALT No. 7:


"I am not errant, I walk knowing I don’t want to arrive: A brief introduction to writer Felipe H. Lopez" by Osiris Gómez

I would like to offer the reader a story of a journey, namely my own journey through the words of poet Felipe H. Lopez. I trust that the reader will understand that every path is different, even if it happens to lead to the same destination, so perhaps what I say reflects only one truth. However, I want to encourage every reader to make their own determination, since, as we know, no one returns from any journey unchanged. We tend to think that only space undergoes transformations, but that idea is not entirely true. We change as well, possibly our memory deceives us, or simply, life betrays us. This is precisely what Lopez tells us in his narrative essay “Liaza chaa / I’m going home.”


"Liaza chaa / I'm going home" by Felipe H. Lopez

It seems like the heavy rain is gone, I hear a lot of water flowing in the streets outside the house. Even though the downpour has passed, it’s still drizzling, but I think I won’t get too wet if I go out now. So I grab my red raincoat, the one I brought from the States, and put it on. I don’t want my shoes to get wet, so I take my old huaraches and put them one, then I roll up my pants to my knees and grab a hat from the wall and put it on.


Seven Poems by Felipe H. Lopez

I left on a Tuesday. / Scared, excited. / Blessings,  / dark clothes so I won’t get caught. / I will leave poverty behind, / I will get the good things. / I have only a few pesos, / I will earn dollars. / The plowing abandoned. / I’ll get the money to buy oxen. / My pueblo abandoned, / I’m going to the Other Side. / My head is in darkness. / “It’s a good dream,” they say. / What is this place that I’m going to? / Who knows! / Will I be caught? / Let’s see!