Nahuatl Poetry by Martín [Jacinto Meza] Tonalmeyotl


By Martín [Jacinto Meza] Tonalmeyotl in LALT No. 13:


Poems from Tlalkatsajtsilistle/Ritual of the Forgotten

Sometimes, we have to walk alone.

Going in search of new trails may mean
entwining ourselves with other forms of life;
that’s why getting to know different men and women 
can be fulfilling for one’s memory.

Alone, it is possible to arrive at the infinite.
But this eternity is lost when there’s no way back
since spiders, in the absence of movement,
leave their homes and flee their own web.

It is necessary to go, and return.
Not letting others die is also human.
Since with their lives, some 
open new pathways: 
shortcuts through which today, we travel. 



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