Featured Author: Alberto Salcedo Ramos


Works by and about Alberto Salcedo Ramos in LALT No. 6:


"The Town that Survived a Massacre to the Sound of Bagpipes," chronicle by Alberto Salcedo Ramos

"It just so happens that murderers—I suddenly realize as I walk past the tree where one of the seventy-six victims was hanged—reveal to us, at the point of the sword, the country that we know neither in textbooks nor in tourism pamphlets. Because, as I’m sure you’ll agree, and forgive me for being so crude, if not for this massacre, how many citizens of Bogotá or Pasto would even know that in Bolívar department, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, there’s a little town called El Salado? The residents of these poor, isolated places are only visible when they suffer a tragedy. They die, therefore they are."


"Wikdi's Journey," chronicle by Alberto Salcedo Ramos

"Dozens of donkeys have broken their necks in the rugged trench, eight kilometers long, that separates Wikdi from his school. Besides that, the paramilitaries have tortured and murdered many people there. Nevertheless, Wikdi doesn’t pause to think about the dangers of this route riddled with stones, dry mud, and weeds. If he did, he would die of fright and be unable to study. On the way to and from his ranch, located in the indigenous reservation of Arquía, and his school, located in the town of Unguía, he spends five hours every day. And he always confronts the journey with the same quiet reserve he shows now as he zips up his backpack."


"Macondo in the Soul," chronicle by Alberto Salcedo Ramos

"The Casa del Hielo, at the corner of Barrio Boston, Aracataca. I begin the story of the real Macondo at the same point where the story of the fictional Macondo begins. Travelers from all over the world visit this place from time to time, admirers of Gabriel García Márquez who hope to find here, in the town where he was born, tangible elements of his literary universe."


Alberto Salcedo Ramos: Popular Culture, the Colombian Chronicle, and North American Journalism: A Conversation with Luvia Estrella Morales Rodríguez

"Alberto Salcedo Ramos is intelligent, observant, and anchored in literature, as is demonstrated by this interview, which took place in Kaufman Hall, the designated building for learning modern languages, literatures, and linguistics at the University of Oklahoma. The conversation began in a spontaneous way during the beginning of the Tierra Tinta Conference where Salcedo Ramos participated as keynote speaker."