Sabrina Duque

Sabrina Duque is a journalist, chronicler and translator. She is the winner of the 2018 Michael Jacobs Scholarship for Travel Writing. She was shortlisted for the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Prize in 2015 in the category of written text with her piece "Vasco Pimentel, el oidor" [Vasco Pimentel, the judge]. She lived for four years in Lisbon, Portugal, where she wrote—among other topics—about snarling waiters, the inventor of the lobotomy, and the education of a future football star. She lived for two years in Brazil, where she has published texts on feminist animation, grandmothers in bikinis, and bankrupt millionaires. She now lives in Nicaragua. Her last book is VolcáNica (Debate/Penguin Random House). 


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