Rodrigo Arriagada-Zubieta

Rodrigo Arriagada-Zubieta (Viña del Mar, Chile, 1982) is a poet, translator, and literary critic. He writes regularly for journal and press Buenos Aires Poetry, where is also director of the international poetry collection “Pippa Passes.” His poems have been translated to Italian and Spanish and published in Chile, Austria, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Italy, and Spain. His verse collections include Extrañeza (2017), Hotel Sitges (2018), Zubieta (2020), and El Greco (2021), all published by Buenos Aires Poetry. His work has been anthologized in Chile as Una Temporada en la cabeza (2020), from Editorial Santiago Inédito. As a translator, he has published Cutty Sark (Poesía escogida) by Hart Crane (Buenos Aires Poetry, 2020). He is currently completing his doctoral studies in Hispanic letters at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He lives in Alicante, Spain.


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