Pepe Rojo

Pepe Rojo writes in Mexican and English as there is no other way to go at it in Tijuana, where he has spent most of his life for the past decade. He has published 5 books in Mexican and more than 200 texts dealing with fiction, media, and contemporary culture. He has directed several interventions, such as “You can see the future from here”, a series of sf-based collective imagination experiments in the Tijuana-San Ysidro crossing border, as well as the “Tú no existes” campaign throughout Mexico. His English writing can be found in Birds In Shorts City, Flurb!, Three Messages and a Warning,  States of Terror, and Review:  Literature and Arts of the Americas. He is currently raising “Tierra y Libertad” flags, while trying to survive a Communication’s PhD at UCSD.

  • Shoot the last one of them. Here they come. Shit. What’s wrong now? Another bug. Fucking bugs. I programmed it so that if she keeps the keys we couldn’t head back to pick the money. The app’s not work...


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