Pedro Mairal

Photo: Xavier Martin

Born in Buenos Aires in 1970, Pedro Mairal is a leading literary figure of his generation in Argentina and throughout Latin America.  After the publication of his debut poetry collection Tigre como los pájaros [Tiger as a bird, 1996], he rose to national fame with the breakthrough novel Una noche con Sabrina Love [A night with Sabrina Love, 1998].  The author of multiple books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, Mairal was elected in 2007 to the prestigious “Bogotá39” as one of the best young Latin American writers of his time.  His work has been translated in over a dozen major languages and countries. 

  • Jellyfish
    Queuing up at the bank, customers watch the abyss of a blue sea on a television suspended from the ceiling to relieve themselves of the wait and silence: 


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