Nylsa Martínez

Nylsa Martínez (Mexicali, Mexico, 1979) is a short fiction writer linked to the current "boom" in noir fiction and detective fiction currently changing the face of contemporary Mexican letters, especially with regards to the letters from the country's border region; this trend has been called "Literatura del desierto," and boasts of excellent writers from such cities as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.  She is the author of five collections of short fiction, among them Roads (Editorial Paraiso Perdido, 2007), Tu casa es mi casa (CONACULTA, 2009), and Afecciones desordenadas (Editorial Artificios, 2016).  Her stories have been culled for inclusion in such anthologies as Territorio ficción (SEP, 2017), Lados B (Nitro / Press, 2017), and LATINX: Writing Los Angeles (University of Nebraska Press, 2017).  Her stories have been published in numerous journals on both side of the US / Mexico border, like Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature, Revista de literatura mexicana contemporanea y Rio Grande, both from the University of Texas at El Paso, Parrafo (UCLA), Bengal Lights (Bangladesh), and journals throughout the Spanish speaking world.  

  • Nylsa Martínez
    My wife’s final wishes were that I scatter her ashes in a shopping center. She always said so as if she were joking, and because of that, when she met her creator, I couldn’t convince my children to h...


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