Naida Saavedra

Naida Saavedra is a writer of fiction, literary critic, and professor. She is the author of Vos no viste que no lloré por vos (2009), Hábitat (2013), Última inocencia (2013), En esta tierra maldita (2013), and Vestier y otras miserias (2015). Her short stories have been published in different anthologies and magazines such as El BeiSMan, ViceVersa, and Digo.Palabra.TxT. Saavedra holds a PhD in Latin American Literature from Florida State University and does research on Latina/o Literature. Currently, she is documenting the New Latino Boom, the 21st century literary movement in Spanish from the United States. She is presently writing an essay book about this movement, which will be published in 2019. Saavedra lives in Massachusetts, and is a professor at Worcester State University.


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