Leonardo Gil Gómez

Leonardo Gil Gómez was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1985. His first novel, Celebraciones (Himpar, 2018) was awarded the Grant for the Publication of New Works by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia in 2018. He has published poems, short stories, and articles in various journals in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. He participated with images and texts in the collective creative project Vidas de historia: Una memoria literaria de la Organización Femenina Popular (2016). He is a Fulbright Fellow and a doctoral candidate in Latin American Literature and Culture at Northwestern University. He is part of the editorial team of Himpar Editores.

  • person standing on frame in Edifico Richard, Bogotá, Colombia
    I still have yet to find a word in Spanish quite like the English word journaling, something that would maintain—in a verbal, active sense—all the different senses I mean to convey when I use...


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