Keila Vall de la Ville

Keila Vall de la Ville is a New York based Venezuelan author. Author of the novel Los días animales (OT, 2016) shortlisted as Best Novel by International Latino Book Award 2018. Author of the short stories books Ana no duerme (Monte Avila Editores, 2007), Ana no duerme y otros cuentos (Sudaquia, 2016); and the poetry book Viaje legado (Bid&Co, 2016). Editor of the American bilingual anthology Entre el aliento y el precipicio. Poéticas sobre la belleza / Between the Breath and the Abyss. Poetics on Beauty (Amargord, in press), and co-editor of 102 Poetas en Jamming (OT, 2014). Co-founder of the movement “Jamming Poético” (2011 to present, Caracas; 2017 to present, NYC). Columnist of “Nota al Margen” for Papel literario, literature section of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional; and “The Flash”, for the New York Magazine Viceversa. Included in several continental and european anthologies. BA in Anthropology (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas), MA in Political Science (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas), MFA in Creative Writing (NYU, New York), and MA in Hispanic Cultural Studies (Columbia University, New York). 

  • The Animal Days
    Rafael stands on the edge of a big stone wall, waving his arms up and down like a bird, flexing his knees and flapping as if he were about to take off in flight, as if he were going to throw himself o...


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