Jeannette L. Clariond

Jeannette L. Clariond is a poet, translator, and the founder/director of Vaso Roto Ediciones Publishers (Spain & Mexico). Ms. Clariond has translated the Italian poet, Alda Merini, and Primo Levi’s poetic works; she is currently translating the collected poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. Clariond was invited to read her poetry at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, and, in June 2014, she returned to present her work on translation. On June 20, 2014 she received the Juan de Mairena Prize, presented as part of the Summer of Poetry Festival by the Department of Performing Arts and Literature at the University of Guadalajara. She has dedicated much of her career to the study of ancient philosophy and religion in Mexico, and has given seminars and lectures on the subject both in Mexico and abroad. Ms. Clariond is a collaborating member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language, which has branches in Washington and New York.


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